Sanliv Hotel Style Retractable Clothes Dryer Clothesline

Where can i find a Retractable Clothes Dryer Clothesline Hotel Style To 9 Feet? The best source is that buying Retractable Clothes Dryer Clothesline from the reliable manufacturer. Sanliv is the most professional supplier in hotel bathroom accessories in last ten years.  You will be satisfied with Sanliv Retractable Clothes Dryer Clothesline on its perfect performance in many years using.

Hotel Style Retractable Clothes Dryer Clothesline Manufacturer

It’s small but mighty. The line pulls out to 9 feet long, where it can be fastened to the supplied bracket on any wall or hard surface directly opposite the main unit (must be 9 feet or less apart).

If you need it shorter, then you simply tie it off to the desired length. Pull it out when required, and get it out of sight when you’re clothes are done drying!

It is ideal for small spaces such as your laundry room, bathroom, porch or even a darkroom.

It is perfect for college dorms and apartments. It easily mounts on any wall (you will need to find a stud).

A popular place is in between the bathtub walls, thus the hotel-style name.

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